Designers from hell

The nightmare of designers is a request from a client to play with the fonts, make the logo bigger, put his cat on the website and convey the New Year's mood to visitors. As soon as the client say one of those phrases, the designer starts to pour smoke from his ears of indignation, as if he was asked to just spoil his work of art himself. And now he already writes a gross refusal to his client, retells the story to all his friends and opens „Clients from Hell“ website to tell everyone how stupid his client is. He does not even suspect that the client is not stupid at all, but rather the designer himself got out of hell.

This behavior comes for two reasons: because of lack of practice in design and from inability to communicate with the client. With the last everything is clear: no designer ever study management and has no idea about how business works, so he simply does not know how to communicate correctly. And the first reason will be discussed in more detail.

If you ask a child to draw a person, he will draw it very formal, with these legs like sticks and the face like an oval with two dots and an arc. But if an artist draws the person, he draws a portrait. This is the same task, but it is implemented at different levels by the child and by the professional. Once, one artist even decided to redraw the children's drawings. Here's what happened:

The designer who is afraid of the New Year theme on the site is like a child. He's just not an expert enough to solve the task well. Thousands of bad designers before him put snowflakes on the site, and this is the only solution that he saw. But not the only one at all. Just see how the professionals solve such problems.

Client wants a New Year? No problem:

Another client wants a dog or cat on the main page? Goes without questions.

Designer’s thought is real. If you imagine 16-bit snowflakes and a cat in the style of an assistant for Microsoft Office, then the site will eventually end up with this. What does this mean? Only that the designer is not a professional. He cannot imagine, cannot design, cannot explain to the client. The real leader of the design industry takes such tasks not as an insult, but as a challenge, delivering an excellent result in arbitrarily difficult conditions.