Good Vibration Cyrillic typeface

In 2003 designer Rob Leuschke introduced his Good Vibration typeface, a very warm hand-written font, stylised for years of 1950-1980, a little bit similar to Miami of 1980 and some advertisings of 1950.

Later Google chose a light version of this typeface for use in its Google Web Fonts free collection and called this typeface Great Vibes.

The version of the font from Google is completely free, but it doesn't have Russian letters. Therefore, we are pleased to present you with a Cyrillic version of this wonderful font, which is also completely free for personal and commercial use.


Many letters in the font have strong connections, so you can not change the letter spacing. It is not recommended to write in capital letters. In some combinations ("Ку", "Щу") letters can intersect, it is worth either avoid this, or use it as a graphic technique.

Since the release of the font it has became very popular in Russia. Captions and signs can be found in completely different places. The most striking example is the design of advertising posters of jewelry factory "Crystal" in Minsk.

At the airport in Yekaterinburg, the font is chosen for the brand name.

Font products of the company "Dalnye Dalali" are decorated.

Good Vibratios continue attacking Russia.

December 2012