Ivan Pay corporate website design

Ivan Pay is an online payment platform with many modern features, the Russian alternative to Stripe.

A stylish corporate website is designed for Ivan Pay. The design uses fascinating photographs from different places on the Earth. The title photo, a desert at sunset, is made in warm pink colours.

The platform offers new opportunities in the field of payments: installment payments, payment schedule, deposits, postpay. All functions are available for online stores out of the box, you have to just specify the options when integrating Ivan Pay.

Features page is designed with a space photo, which underlines the enormous capabilities of the platform.

A stylish icons are prepared for the platform.

Important sections are decorated with illustrations related to shopping and payments.

Secondary sections are decorated with technological shades of blue and orange with a light gradient. Warm and cold colours alternate on the site.

Home screen is designed as a long landing page.


An easy to use payment interface is also developed for Ivan Pay, which is created after a long study of all existing payment systems on the market.

The main advantage of Ivan Pay is its availability for developers. The platform integration process is only of 3 simple steps. Developers section is designed in a special way.

The second advantage is flexibility. For example, the payment interface can be programmed with its own design.

Wish you successful payments!

July 2016

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