FjM logotype and naming

FjM logotype and naming

FjM International Solicitors and Lawyers is a lawyer company running in Russia and United Kingdom. Company provides competitively priced, first-class legal service to businesses, families and individuals throughout both jurisdictions.

The old name of the company is FGM and it origins from the names of three founders: Filatov, Goldberg and Musatov. There were two reasons to change the name:

A new name was supposed to solve 3 tasks:

After long debates a brilliant solution was found: change G to J. Nobody would notice the difference, all wrong associations would disappear, and founders’ surnames are still here.

There’s only one problem: what letter J means? Well, nothing. Just like S in Harry S Truman. Why not?

Old logotype was too old-fashioned and inelastic.

Letter J allowed to design a monogram.

This version wasn’t accepted by the client. Another designer suggested a logo much better.

But it had to be fixed. There was a misbalance of letter j by height, ampersand on the new line, and bad text form which is similar to a middle finger.

In the final logo, letter j is balanced perfectly, colour is fixed to a corporate blue, and the caption is accurate and it’s alike a pointer finger. While all logo looks like a hand in blue suit.

December 2012

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