People of the World multimedia startup development

Ludi Mira, or People of the World is a startup from travellers for travellers. It is the best video library dedicated to travelling, living, making business and getting higher education in any countries in the world. Everything in one place and with HD quality. It’s just like YouTube for travellers.

An amazing website created for the service. On the main page a mind-blowing parallax is designed for seven most popular countries.

Designer send a first version.

Client: Boring, not interesting, looks like a template

Art-director: Agree, lack of individuality

Task for designer: Design should not look like a template

After a few days designer shows a site with a map on which the places are marked from where the video is filmed

Art-director: Nothing changed, but I'll show this to the client.

Client: Nothing changed. But the map is ok. We want a wow effect on the main page, please do something.

Art-director: Ok.

Designer doesn't get what to do. Explaining him with a concept

Art-director: Need something like this.

Designer: WTF, my eyes! But I got the idea.

Client: Alright! This is good. But make it brighter a bit.

Art-director: We'll do a parallax for every country.

Making the rest pages. So many remarks, no free space on the design.

Yellow days!

Even on the simplest pages.

For every of 7 countries a unique picture was created. The object is selected pixel-by-pixel and cut from the background, which is redrawn to create a movement effect.

Most of the content on the website is paid, but it also provides some free demo video.

Anyone can become an author for People of the World, one just needs to create an account and ask for invitation letter via account page. Each video is pre-moderated before publishing.

People of the World allows authors to upload their video directly to the website as well as embedding them from YouTube, to keep view counting. People of the World is integrated with Vimeo to host their own video.

An advance control panel has been developed for People of the World, where managers can accept, decline and edit video sent by users.

What is sad is that 99,99% start-ups, especially in Russia, die even before start. Generally, clients just realise they can’t afford future marketing and support only after their project is developed and much money spent.

Nevertheless, we always warn our clients honestly that every start-up is a huge risk and put an entire soul in every project.

December 2015

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