Dom Kino: Second Screen mobile application development

Second Screen is a virtual addition for TV. Second Screen expands the contents of the movie on your smartphone or tablet.

Suppose, you’re watching Back to the Future. As Dr. Emmet Brown appears on the screen, Second Screen shows Christopher Lloyd’s biography and photos. Next you hear a music, and the application says it’s Alan Silvestri. The movie is nearly over, and the app asks you for a quiz: „Will Dr. Emmet Brown meet Marty again?“

Client sends the scenario of the first Soviet blockbuster movie „Air Crew“ as a guide.

The project is large, so we prepare wireframes of the future design at the stage of technical specification.

Next, we go through the film and create the design of the future second screen.

Biographies of your favourite actors, rare footage from the filming area, a musical library, virtual quizzes and surveys - that's what Second Screen is.

Next card

The application contains a program guide and a movie library. The timetable for the Dom Kino TV channel is for two weeks in advance.

The app contains a few thousands of films and actors with beautiful design of each page.

A special parallax effect is programmed for the timetable: movie covers scroll as if they are in a different plane, with a slowdown.

Vintage backgrounds in the application are posters of best Soviet films by Andrei Tarkovsky and other directors.

Second Screen supports mobile phones and pads in portrait and landscape orientation. All possible resolutions.

The app is released for iOS and Android.

At the very end client's marketing department appears and forces the coolest art to be removed from the app and replaced with a branded icon, screen splash and menu. Nobody wants to do this, including the client himself. But the marketers are stronger.

This is too bad.

Trash :-(

Dom Kino: Second Screen
January 2016

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