Development of a corporate website for the National Union of Grain Producers

The National Union of Grain Producers was established in March 2010 at the initiative of regional agricultural enterprises with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation to consolidate agricultural producers in order to solve the system tasks of the industry.

A modern corporate website has been developed for NUGP.

The first draft of the design.

Client: Little attention is paid to the site header. Let's put a video there and make it bigger.

Client: Now is better, but too much white background. You need to put a photo of some, so as not to be bored.

We make on the sample page with documents. It also goes through a series of iterations: take more photos, make the text not boring, and the like.

Much attention is paid to the news section of the site. The archive of news for 10 years has been postponed, a simple system of filtering, searching and subscribing to news has been developed.

The National Union places a huge number of documents on its website. For this, a multi-level system of sections has been developed. Texts on the site are designed so as not to look like a boring block of information.

October 2017

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