Holy Places of Undivided Christianity website development

As early as 1987, the Council of Europe launched the European Cultural Routes program. In 2012, Russia joined the project, and in 2017, Russia launched an initiative for a route to the shrines of Christianity.

The project Holy Places of Undivided Christianity is a guide for Christian pilgrims. Especially for the site are developed and run routes to Christian shrines. Routes are completely different. They can lead to the suburbs, and may in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

On the main page of the site there are fresh routes in the form of a full-screen slideshow.

The routes themselves are so long and detailed that they hardly fit into this page. The layout of one of the routes is 32 thousand pixels in height.

In the list of routes they are presented along with the contents. You can select the desired shrine, without going to the page of the route.

The route describes the places for pilgrimage, connected in one long way. Each shrine is marked on the map, accompanied by a description and history, hours of work and telephones, photographs and information about the holy relics that are stored in it.

The site has a modern, bright typography. The design uses a corporate font Nocturne - a large, bold, contrast font with the original serif shape.

One of the features of the site is the initial letter, which the text envelops along the contour.

Automatically such a trick can not be done. I had to create a matrix of shifts of lines of text for each of the 33 letters of the alphabet.

The menu of the site completely reflects the structure, therefore it is executed in several levels. In the header of the site is a block with the best route, which is always in sight.

The site also has a news section and a section of publications. The site is updated regularly.

The site is made and launched in record time. Only one month passed from the start of work to the launch.

December 2018

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