Solix Biosystems Vostok corporate website development

Solixant, formerly known as Solix Biosystems Vostok, develops and cultivates microalgae, as well as products based on them. Solixant is the innovative leader in Russia in its field. Solixant is a resident of Skolkovo and the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, a partner of Rosnano, a winner of many scientific awards.

A modern interactive website has been developed for Solixant. An interactive animation, showing a look through the microscope, is designed for the main page. Microalgae passing the screen on a background that simulates noise, visible in microscope.

Initially, there wasn’t a task to develop an interactive. There was another task — to show some patriotism in a form of Russian Flag.

Tricoloured flag was obviously not a problem. But it turn out to be just impossible to find photographs of Russian scientists in good quality.

So we decided to leave the flag, and put a foreign scientist. Linus Pauling, for example.

The flag started looking very strange then, so we had to remove it, and take another photo just for the case.

Too dark and boring. Trying some photos from the laboratory.

Not good. During the discussion, an idea was born to put the video from the microscope on the main page. Great idea, having those excellent photos of microalgae sent by client.

Another problem: the video is recorded at a maximum of 16 frames per second. Not possible to use it. The next decision — to program floating microalgae. To do this, we should cut them out from the photo and add floating points from the human eye, as well as background noise. Making the algae swim from corner to corner and react to the cursor. The result is better than expected!

Algae react to the movement of the mouse, moving aside from their trajectory. Against the noisy background some distortions are visible — they are those strange „flies“ appears in front of human eyes, which also react to the mouse.

The site uses a modern burger-like menu with rich animation and blur effect.

Each section of the site is designed in the form of a long page, detailing the products and technologies of the company.

Original illustrations are created for some pages.

Illustrations had been taken from another site before the design was already done, just to demonstrate the style to client.

Original pictures were drawn for the final version.

Thankfully, no problems was to the photos. Company’s laboratory is itself a sample of a modern interior, it is dazzlingly pure, and colours are something acid-green to acid-lilac.

Individual elements of illustrations became the basis for animations and interactive on the site.

The scheme for developing a new product is presented in the form of mitosis.

Research and Laboratory.

The website has a nice modern typography and is designed in laboratory-green and purple colours.

A separate section is dedicated to the company's news. News are designed in the form of tiles with different widths of cells, which are calculated dynamically depending on the length of the text.

A mobile version is also developed for the site.

June 2016

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