Boom Chat mobile messenger development

Boom Chat is an application for sending bomb-messages.

You write a secret message, take a private photo or a funny video and send it to your friends. Your friends have only 1 minute to demine your “bomb” and read the message. Otherwise it goes public!

What is that for?! Good question. Well, we have an american start-up Snapchat that does almost the same, and it’s very popular. Millions of people use it. It’s just funny.

Boom Chat targets to teenagers 12 to 18 years old who keep hold on their smartphones and love sending anything to each other.

If somebody was not in time to demine a bomb, it goes public, to a Bomb Factory. It is a stack of random bombs. Everyone has access to it and can read bombs here and vote for them.

The client was an British venture fund. Boom Chat has been developed completely, after that client decided to change its design dramatically and make it more game-like.

June 2014

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