Murmur mobile messenger development

Murmur is a mobile ephemeral messenger, in which messages self-destruct after reading. The project is similar to the well-known startup Snapchat. A distinctive feature of Murmur is the original game design. The project is aimed at markets not occupied by Snapchat: Russia, India, China, Thailand and Japan.

The name MurMur comes from the English verb “to murmur” — to whisper, mutter. For the application, a mascot is designed, a kitty with a third eye. All this in total symbolizes the privacy of correspondence in the messenger.

The interface of the application is incredibly stylish and original.

The messages screen is half the interface, half the game.

Messages are delivered by the flying head.

The Aztec Gods walking in the application menu.

The application is filled with animation and effects. In one section, the third eye winks.

In the other, a looped dragon eats its own tail with a cheeseburger.

In the messenger you can send text, photos and videos. You can draw and write notes on top of the photo and video.

Each message can be set up with a timer from 1 to 10 seconds. The countdown starts when the recipient opens the message. After the timer expires, the message is permanently deleted.

The interface of the application is worked out to the smallest detail. For example, the scale for setting the timer has an arc-shaped design, adapted for the area of ​​reach of the screen with the thumb of the right hand. The next version also plans to make the interface for left-handed users.

The pilot MVP version of the startup is released with a simplified interface.

After the launch of the pilot version for iOS, the development of the messenger was terminated.

February 2014

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