Business School of Professional Finance corporate website design

The BSPF business school teaches by the classical British model and gives its students a quality education using their own training programs and best business practices.

On the first page of the site there are 6 main directions of training. To avoid dry feeding, each direction is personified by a character which is remotely similar to the target audience of each course.

The basis of navigation on the site is a convenient and original carousel of courses.

Client: Brilliant start page! And what will we have inside? Users must be able to scroll through courses not going back to main page.

Designer: Well, we can’t put all courses on one page at the same time, but we can make a slideshow of people and surrounding cloud of tags.

Client: Nice, let’s do this.

A convenient presentation in the form of a carousel allows you to quickly find the information you need without leaving the page. Thanks to the carousel, it is possible to view the courses without switching the page, while each course retains its own section. The information is loaded on the fly.

Course pages contain detailed information.

Original buttons and interface elements are developed.

Прям хочется нажать, правда?

The school hosts master classes of famous entrepreneurs.

The coat of arms symbolism is quite complex and full of interesting details, so the decryption of the coat of arms is placed on a separate page of the site.

October 2012

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