BSPF coat of arms logotype design

BSPF is a business school lectures business courses on British education system, giving its students comprehensive and high-quality education, using the best practices and approaches.

Blazon: “Argent a cross gules, in the first quarter an open book with S and P letters, in the second quarter a pair of scales, in the third quarter a crossed keys point downward, in the fourth quarter a column”.

The red cross is St. George cross, which is also used in The City of London coat of arms and British flag. Using this cross accents British soul of BSPF.

Client: We are classical and conservative business school. We ned a coat of arms in British style

Designer: I think we can use St. George cross from London coat of arms. In quarters we can put some figures reference to your school. What can they be?

Client: We have 4 fields of activity: we teach, we consult, we sell our researches and we’re planning to publish books.

Searching for the best form

The first one is closer to England, but too thin. Third one is good, but the feather is not in style

Column as a creation symbol? Strange, but ok

The school has 4 fields: teaching, consulting, researches and book publishing. Figures in the shield make all those fields.

Open book is a symbol of knowledge. Letters S and P mean Scientia Potentia est (Knowledge is power).
Pair of scales symbolise valuation and measurement, and represents consulting services BSPF offers to its big clients.
The key is key to knowledge. It represents market researches and analysis made by BSPF.
The feather pen is a symbol of writing and personifies book publishing. Teachers of the BSPF school are experts in finance, have academic degrees and publish books under the emblem of the school.

Coat of arms symbolics is always rich with details and meanings, so it is a special page dedicated to the logo.

October 2012

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