Russian Ball logotype design

The task: to design a single logo for all Russian Balls, with a reference to the ball’s venue.

The First Russian Ball takes place in London in 2013, and is dedicated to 400th anniversary of Romanov’s Dynasty. There must be a London’s symbolic in the logo, which in future could be changed to any other city symbolic.

Designer: Let’s take Albert Hall. The Ball takes place there.

Art-Director: Nice, but I think it’s a logo of Albert Hall itself.

Designer: Well, then we can mix heraldry and music. Strauss is always played on balls. Let’s take his violin and mix its form with a coat of arms

Very interesting, but bald a little

Adding acanthus.

Showing to the client.

Client: Well. You’re a genius! But please get rid of those weed leaves. And I don’t like RB letters. Maybe we can put dancing people there?

Designer: We’ll try

Nah, what a shit? People can’t be used in coat of arms. Even in logos. No way, dear!

Redesigning old version and making it better

Art-Director: This hat of Albert Hall. Is it London or Uzbekistan?

Designer: Ok, how about London coat of arms?


Yeah, that would be great. Now fixing RB letters. Putting all together, drawing a ribbon

The logo is made in the heraldic style. This is not a coat of arms, it is a logo in the style of the coat of arms. The shape resembles a silhouette of a violin, which symbolizes Strauss waltzes that sound at many balls. The logo is made in two versions: black and white and color. Yellow and black are the colors of the flag of the Russian Empire.

The logo can be used with tape and signature, or without it.

A monogram of the letters RB means Russian Ball. There is also a simplified and color versions of the logo.

Monogram creation process:

Logotype creation process:

April 2013

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