Murmur promo website design

Murmur is a mobile ephemeral messenger, in which messages self-destruct after reading. The project is similar to the well-known startup Snapchat. For the instant messenger, a promo site has been developed in the style of the application itself.

The design of the site is as crazy as the design of the application. New characters have been added to the site. Among them are nymphs-strippers.

There is a green smoke from the levitating airship — Rasta smoking weed inside.

The cat flew into space, started speaking in an alien language and now wears a spacesuit.

The moon turned into a disco ball, flying heads are taken by UFO for research.

Social buttons were made by the Aztec Gods of stone.

Stages of working out illustrations.

The first concept of the site was much bigger and more complex, then was rejected in favor of a simpler one.

November 2013

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